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sábado, 15 de junho de 2013

Goodbye Stranger

I would have so many things to tell you, looking into your eyes while you would hold me tight in your arms. I just wish all the things you say were true, I want you so bad! Don’t wanna get hurt again, don’t wanna hurt another someone. I keep telling myself that maybe you’re really different, but your lack of conscience regarding your behavior towards her scares me. Maybe I am too old fashioned, but i do believe that if something starts the wrong way it will end bad. I’m loosing my strength, can’t resist anymore but I’m scared.

Even though I wanna run away from you, all I wish is hold you close to me, share the same breath and watch the sunrise, the sun go down, again and again. I long for your touch, I’ve been waiting for someone exactly like you for so long, so long that I had already forgotten, I’ve stopped believing that you could exist somewhere over the rainbow. I wanna be a good woman to you, make you happier than you’ve ever been, I wannna be your best friend, support you, have a true bond with you, so that we would never question each other, we would have trust in us. But I don’t see this happening at this point…unless you do what you have to do  if you wanna be honest. You messed up my feelings. I had decided to forget you and never come back but somehow you read my mind and stop me from leaving. And convince me to stay over and over…

Please don’t be cruel to a heart that’s true and let me go if you won’t choose me. I’m not an option, you know. I am a choice, maybe your one in a lifetime, but if you don’t feel this way, baby, I have to say….